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Summer Weekend Special
Duration:: will vary depending on booster

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Ice cream Cart Happy horse trainer Fireworks Tourists Reputation booster
Summer Weekend Special Racing Farmer
The weekend edition of the Racing Farmer is out and will keep you up to date on all festivities!
  • The Summer Weekend Racing Farmer will let you know about all Summer Weekend events for the upcoming weekend
  • The Summer Weekend Racing Farmer replaces the regular Racing Farmer, and it will appear every weekend instead!
  • It will only show Summer Weekend events planned for the upcoming weekend, no regular events or news.
All boosters will also have an indicator in the upper part of your game screen!
This Racing Farmer,
shown below
tells us we will get:
  • Ice cream Cart
  • Tourists
  • Reputation booster

Ice cream Cart

Summer Weekend Special Ice cream Cart

The Ice cream cart is an effective way to increase your happiness and this cart appears during the weekends!

The cart will drive up and park in between your horse stables and the airport and will stay there for an hour.

While the cart is parked you may donate milk and apples to increase you happiness on all 3 farms for an hour. ▼

When the booster is active you will see this booster window at the top of each farm.

I would suggest that you activate this booster only when you first log into your farm, unless you have plenty of milk and apples to spare.
For most of us, when we first log in, all of our buildings, animal barns and trees are ready to be harvested. This booster would save us the most money at this time to start all those buildings, animal barns and trees back up.

The Ice cream cart has no set schedule that I can see. Sometimes it's even less than an hour between visits and then other times it takes a few hours before it comes back.
Happy horse trainer
When the booster is active you will see this booster window at the top of each farm.

Reduces the time and horseshoe cost for training your horses.
This booster is completely random, meaning it arrives when ever it wants to, day or night. The booster will last just short of 2 hours and we all know why that is now don't we :)

I would suggest that you take this opportunity to train your racing horse! Race her/him until you run out of gas then watch for the booster so you can train her/him.
As you can see by the image on the right you can over-clock the training for half the cost of the horseshoes, so this is a great time to over clock training. The training will be done in an hour so you can race again with that horse, then rinse and start all over again.
Let me clarify what I mean by over-clock. Over-clocking training means to scroll that bar as far as you can to the right without going in the red :) so make sure the bar stays green.
When the booster is active you will see this booster window at the top of each farm.
To celebrate the summer time, every weekend multiple fireworks will pop up over your farmhouse for a limited amount of time! While the firework lasts, you will be granted a bonus on all of the dropped items you collect!
  • Fireworks will show up over your farmhouse at random times
  • Each fireworks period will last for a limited amount of time
  • During the fireworks you will get double the amount of dropped items for tasks you would usually collect by harvesting during themed events (e.g. firewood, etc).
  • “A Hero for Piggles” and “The bees are loose!” events will not be affected.
It is summer and that usually means that your workers will slack off while you are taking holidays and visit exciting places!
The workers from your temporary farms decided to do some exploring on their own.
  • Expect your temporary farm workers to snoop around your main farm to check out the local organic market and its fresh produce.
  • ◄During the weekend, workers from other temporary farms will occasionally visit your organic market.
  • They will wear their regular attire, so you will be able to distinguish them from the regular customers
  • While they walk up to your organic market, an icon will show which farm they come from
  • When they have arrived, the icon will change to the usual product icon
  • For fulfilling the orders of tourist visitors, you will be granted a better reward than you would get from your regular market visitors
  • Additionally, the organic market seller will offer different amounts of gold from time to time ►
    NOTE: I paid the vendor 6 times today and got 50 GOLD once :(  As the saying goes, "Once a crook, always a crook!"
Reputation booster
When the booster is active you will see this booster window at the top of each farm.
The reputation points booster earns you twice as many reputation points from completed missions and is only active at certain times.
  • A reputation boost will be granted to all cooperatives at the beginning of a cooperative championship.
  • It will grant +100% bonus to all reputation earned from the missions.
  • The bonus will also be shown at the top of your main screen, so you can easily see when it's running.
    Additionally, there will be fireworks over your main building when the reputation booster is active.
Last updated : Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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