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Locust Attack!
Duration:: as long as it takes

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This is what GGS said about this event:

Lester's in a bit of a pickle - a mean locust swarm is wreaking havoc on his farm.
He doesn't know what else to do, so he's asking you for help:
Take care of his customers for a while, so he can recapture his farm!

- This task is a personal task and will not appear for every player at the same time.

- Lester will give you a task: Help fulfill the orders of his customers.

 - After helping out, Lester is grateful and will make you a compelling offer:
Spend gold in the next 24 hours (up to a certain amount), and he will pay you back on the next day!
This will get you a lot of premium items for free.

and This is what I said about this event:
Go ahead and help Lester, but don't go out your way to fill the customers orders. Lester will not leave until you have filled all 10.
The 10 orders you have to fill are from the walkers that walk up to the Organic market. Once you've filled all 10 Lester will offer you 25,000 farm dollars for helping him and he also tells you that he'll pay you back if you spend a certain amount of gold in the next 24 hours.
At this point you are better off if you just let the timer run out. The total amount you have to spend in 24 hours is outrages! and you have to spend every sent. You'd be better off if you just waited for a 100% gold buy deal because it works out to be the same thing if you take a few minutes to think about it. With the gold buy deal you can spend your gold when ever you want or need to and not ne rushed to just spend it fast as you can.
That is all I have to say on this Event, you are free to do what ever you choose.

Lester's gold deal in action!

Thanks to the TEST-Server I was able to give Lester's gold deal a try.
Lester wanted me to spend 18,000 gold within 24 hours and if I spent every penny he would pay me back.
When I first got the offer I was short about 400 gold, but luckily my gold mine finished giving me the gold I needed.
The image above shows your progress while you spend your gold.
The image on the right shows how Lester's icon over his head will change once you've spent the total amount he has asked for.
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