Legacy of the Mayans
level 7 Handbooks for gold

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Professor James has set up his Book Stand right there in front of the Library. He appears between the flag and co-op tree, and will stay for 8 hours only, you might call him the Handbook Architect.

Professor James sells level 7 Handbooks for gold to those of you that already have the preceding level 5 Handbook. These new farm boosters are permanent and must be built.

Professor James will not set up his book stand if you do not have any level 6 Handbooks. Not only will he not visit your farm if you don't have any level 6 handbooks, he will not list any level 7 handbooks unless you have the preceding level 6 Handbooks.

These upgrades are a bit pricy, but they offer more then normal upgrades.
example: Corn upgrades give you +3 corn at the most for each upgrade where level 6 upgrade gives +6 and level 7 gives +12.
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