MF Windmill
Type: normal   Advantages: none

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Notice the * here on Level 2 meaning a gap in time.  Gaps occur mostly in processing buildings and I'm just letting you know to try and get your building to that level ASAP to increase produce.
You will also get experience for each batch of feed that you make. The experience remains the same no matter what level your mill is.
When you are asked to "Begin production of feed" you may think this max batch of chicken feed will begin production of 200 feed. What it does is divides that 200 feed into bags of 10 so you are only beginning production of 20 feed.

A Workshop will save a percentage of produce here.

see also Village recipes made in the windmill.
NOTE: Totals shown are all base totals, meaning before any library books, xp boosters or farmhouse level.
In build menu.


  54needed Workers Max producible units This total stays the same even with Handbooks, Water tower and Workshop. 10Chicken feed 10Wet pig feed 10Pig feed 10Cow silage 10Cow feed Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade
Level 1

100XP reward

48:00build time
-4 20 -30Corn -48Rutabaga -60Cabbage -130Alfalfa -82Wheat 1 50
00:06:00 00:02:15 00:25:00 00:04:10 02:15:00
Level 2*

3,000XP reward

6:30:00build time
-8 60 -29Corn -29Rutabaga -58Cabbage -81Alfalfa -79Wheat 17 35,000
00:03:36* 00:00:50 00:15:00 00:02:00 01:20:00
Level 3

6,000XP reward

8:10:00build time
-6 90 -28Corn -26Rutabaga -56Cabbage -72Alfalfa -75Wheat 28 350,000
00:02:48 00:00:43 00:12:00 00:01:25 01:08:00
Level 4

9,000XP reward

9:60:00build time
-6 120 -27Corn -20Rutabaga -55Cabbage -55Alfalfa -72Wheat 34 1,000,000
00:02:04 00:00:35 00:09:00 00:01:05 00:55:00
Level 5

12,000XP reward

10:44:00build time
-6 160 -26Corn -18Rutabaga -54Cabbage -53Alfalfa -69Wheat 47 1,900,000
00:01:40 00:00:30 00:08:00 00:00:50 00:50:00
Level 6

15,000XP reward

11:52:00build time
-6 200 -25Corn -17Rutabaga -52Cabbage -49Alfalfa -66Wheat 52 3,000,000
00:01:20 00:00:29 00:06:00 00:00:42 00:40:00
Level 7

18,000XP reward

13:60:00build time
-6 240 -24Corn -14Rutabaga -51Cabbage -40Alfalfa -64Wheat 57 4,500,000
00:01:10 00:00:25 00:05:30 00:00:37 00:36:00
Level 8*

21,000XP reward

16:20:00build time
-6 280 -23Corn -14Rutabaga -50Cabbage -38Alfalfa -62Wheat 125
00:01:00 00:00:24 00:05:00 00:00:35 00:33:00
Level 9*

25,000XP reward

28:80:00build time
-6 280 -18Corn -10Rutabaga -41Cabbage -31Alfalfa -51Wheat 125
00:00:55 00:00:23 00:04:30 00:00:33 00:30:00
Mouse over icons
for information.
  54needed Workers Max producible units This total stays the same even with Handbooks, Water tower and Workshop. Chicken feed Wet pig feed Pig feed Cow silage Cow feed Total 108,965,050

Totals are from a level 8 Windmill on the Main farm  
Item Single units. Max producible units. Needed materials
Goldfish bait 1 00:07:00 8 00:56:00
click on the new Goldfish tab
Goldfish pellets 30 00:00:36 840 00:16:48
Wildflowers13 Cabbage9
click on the new Goldfish tab

Total needed materials increase depending on size of batch.

Totals are from a level 8 Windmill on the Main farm  
Item Time Experience points for building this. Needed materials
Concentrated pellets
x 4
0:30:00 200 Wildflowers
x 195

Production time decreases each windmill level.


Total needed materials decreases each windmill level.

  Concentrated pellets Quantity remains the same each windmill level.
  WARNING: Just like the edge plants, the cost in village dollars to make these is dependent on your happiness on this farm.
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