notice on forum:

Title: Farmers First on US1 is recruiting

Hello we are looking for adult players, level 100 and up. We are ranked #16 level 364, top 10 gold cc, friendly, supportive, active chat, stress free. All research completed, easier to grow your farm/earn rewards.

REQUIRED: Active participation in CC/CHWE, water trees daily, help with coop projects and challenges. Don"t go red without notifying coop leader/deputies, we have openings on a 1st come basis. Donations are welcomed and needed for CC/CHWE boosters, gold donations are not required.

If you are looking for an active yet relaxed co-op, give us a try by contacting @"CrazyBigfarm55 (US1)" or @"synergylw (US1)"


welcome new members:

Subject: welcome xx
Hi everyone,

Thank you for helping me welcome xx to Farmers First!

Head on over to water the newest co-op tree and say "Howdy".

Welcome, xx We are all so glad you are here.


new members private welcome messages:

Subject: Welcome! 1 of 2

Our rules, please read them.

Jetty gets repaired twice a day please donate materials, we all benefit.

Donations are always welcomed and needed for CC and CHWE boosters.

Daily watering of co-op trees helps us all. You with money, us with collectables.

Active farming is a must, everyone helps in co-op events and projects.

When you'll be out for a period of time let me know. Non active participation and red dots are grounds for removal.

We never tell you how to build your farms unless you ask.

Subject: Welcome! 2 of 2

Project line-up and planned Village upgrades are on the Co-op Overview page.

Donate upgrade materials to Village buildings, but please do not vote on them.

Please use Chat to ask for or thank others for sparkles not the co-op messages.

You will find this to be a drama free co-op and I try very hard to keep it that way.

Active participation is valued here and rewarded with equal active participation.

Find up-to-date BF info, guides and much more at


project line-up:

Egg Scrambled
Cheesed off
Egg Scrambled
Wild about apples

during the CC's:

During CC:
Egg Scramble
(Cheesed Off if waiting for egg collectibles)


co-op news

I have re-written the Welcome rules for new members and will be sending copies following this message for you all to read.

With sparks becoming a rare item we may want to limit our welcome gifts to 1 or 2 for new members.

Bumping the CCs cash booster up to 40% went very well and I see no reason not to keep it 40% for future CCs.

We will keep the CHWE at 25% for now until we see how things go, we always make the top 10 for shorter times boster.